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Our Vision

LIONS-DEN Community:

connects Christian Entrepreneurs and Investors

to multiply Kingdom wealth and impact.

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Building local investor-entrepreneur communities with global impact…

LIONS-DEN monthly Practice Pitch Breakfast

We welcome all members to join LIONS-DEN online “Practice Pitch Breakfast” hosted by LIONS-DEN.

LIONS-DEN Portland Annual Pitch Event
June 15-16, 2023

LIONS-DEN Portland hosts its first annual Northwest event, where entrepreneurs seeking funding pitch their businesses.

LIONS-DEN Nairobi Kenya Annual Pitch Event
July 21-22, 2023

LIONS-DEN is hosting its first annual Africa event at Africa International University, where entrepreneurs seeking funding pitch their businesses.

LIONS-DEN Kampala Uganda Annual Pitch Event
August 2023

LIONS-DEN is hosting its second annual Africa event, where entrepreneurs seeking funding pitch their businesses.

LIONS-DEN Tampa Annual Pitch Event
February 15-16, 2024

LIONS-DEN hosts its second annual Tampa event, where entrepreneurs seeking funding pitch their businesses.

Now expanded to a two day event, with twice the pitches, speakers and networking!


About Us

Investors can now find and invest in high-quality Christian companies that share the same values, to use their wealth and experience to make an impact for Christ in the world. LIONS-DEN was created to encourage and build this community of Christian Investors and Entrepreneurs to invest their efforts, talents, and resources for Christ, increasing “Business as Mission” working and living.

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Thoughts from our Members

“Business as Mission (BAM) kickoff was clear, concise, interesting, and enlightening. It is now a higher priority for me.”
“BAM information set the stage for what Lion’s Den is about, with conviction it claritied the whole point of our purpose in business…to glorify God.”
“Great information about Africa investing. Extremely knowledgeable. I learned whole new vistas of business possibilities. Very intriguing marketplace opportunities.”
“Very passionate and big picture presentation from stellar visionary who funded 11,000 startups.”
“Real impact over 9 years of 30 BAM churches tripling in size and each planting 12 others.”
“I like a founder who is “all in” with a great life cause. Great hearing Lions-Den free patent services. Should be a winner for sure.”
“I appreciated the evangelical commitment of the officers of the company and that they must write these in their unchanging bylaws to get funding.”
“Every startup finalist will bless and grow Christian communities. The presenters had passion, subscribers and revenue history, and growth plan.”
“Liked the entertainment founders. Their profitability and impact to culture that needs it, consistently family oriented and God-honoring.”
“Wonderful attention to the food and accommodations. The entire team worked hard to present a great experience. It was a professional event from speakers to servers, and a most Christ-centered environment. I cannot wait for the next one.”
“I would also like to see where I can plug in with LIONS-DEN cities, to help and learn more. You shared my 100% commitment BAM!”


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