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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Alphabetical order: Attendees, BAM Community, Costs and Benefits, Entrepreneurs, Food, Investors, Schedule, Speakers, Pitch Judges, and Training.

Attendees: Who attends? Who Pitches? Who are member?

1. Who attends LIONS-DEN (LD) events?
LIONS-DEN is a non-profit Christian networking and training company that provides:
  • Live and virtual zoom events for Christian Entrepreneurs to pitch to Investors for kingdom wealth and impact.
  • Ongoing BAM community with valuable, free info and training.
  • Business Service companies also attend and reduce event costs by Sponsoring talks and handouts.
2. Which Entrepreneurs pitch at LD events?
  • Christian Entrepreneurs with proven products and customers will pitch at live and virtual zoom events to Investors. Live events are reserved for the best Christian startups. No minimum investment, but these often seek at least $1M in US, $250K in Africa (34M KES, 933M UGX).
  • At, all Investors and Entrepreneurs can get free LD Playbooks, Courses, blogs… from industry experts listed in our Speakers section below.
3. How many members?
LD has 3,000 affiliated members, including 200 active Investors.

BAM Community: What is BAM? Theology of Business? Creative Community? Disciple Making? How is LIONS-DEN unique?

1. What is Business as Mission (BAM)?
Using business to expand kingdom mission in customers, staff, and leaders.
2. Why do we distribute Theologies of Business, Community and Disciple Making?
LIONS-DEN BAM Community prioritizes a solid Bible foundation of the blessings of God-created business and work in Genesis 1-3, church and community in Acts 1-3, and making disciples in Luke 10.
3. What is a Creative Community?
Creative Community is a committed, influential life and work minority; multiplying love to daily redeem the majority[1]. Our LD communities are Investors and Entrepreneurs; creatives bringing new, hope, and added value, to redeem and restore the majority. Modeling how it should be, enjoying freedom, not fear.
4. What is Disciple Making?
Jesus spent three years making 12 disciples. His great commission in Matthew 28:19-20:
“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them… teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.” LD requires startup leaders to disciple other leaders in business and mission (BAM), and we measure it.
5. How is LIONS-DEN Unique?
  • All funded business must write their beliefs into their permanent bylaws and we report metrics on how they are redeeming the world, their staff, and discipling leaders.
  • Entrepreneur leaders must plan for 100x growth and get trained and measured in multiplying Disciple Making
  • All our materials are freely reusable by approved partners as “Copyleft.” They are in editable formats (Microsoft Office and open, free LibreOffice). If you need other formats or Flash Drive of all teachings, use our contact form at the bottom of
  • After June 2023, all US hosted LIONS-DEN add a first day called “10-40 Window Den” for twice as many Pitches, Speakers, and Training, while funding startups where 2 Billion are living in families under $2/day in 10-40 Window. See Agenda example at
6. What is “10-40 Window”?
  • 2 Billion of the world’s 8B are in families living under $2/day, who will never have school, medical or clean water. This includes the rectangle: from North Africa through India, between latitudes 10 and 40.
7. How does LIONS-DEN measure how funded Entrepreneurs redeem the world, staff, and leaders?
  • Measures Product Strategy impact to culture. What products & brands enable the community to flourish, co-design with customers, build trust and ensure God is glorified.
  • Measure Operations impact to people. What operations & team culture bless people thru generous pay, work, and rest rhythms; and opportunities for individuals to express God-given identity, creativity, and talent.
  • Measure Leadership impact to BAM Disciples. Why we do business for mission (BAM). Growing in accountable, sharing faith, disciple making, and resting in God, family, and community. Sustain ownership and plan 100x growth.
[1] See historical examples in

What are Costs and Member Benefits: per Virtual, General and VIP Investor Registrations?

  1. What are the overall cost goals of LD events?
We are a non-profit seeking no profit, so we try to break even at each of our four annual LD live events. Our major costs are food and host site. Prior LD got half their cost from registration fees and half from Sponsorships, both described below. See Registration links at,, and
  1. What does LD’s cheapest membership include?
Virtual Registration: $36 US, $18 Africa (2,450 KES Kenya Shilling, 67K UGX Uganda Shilling) – remote zoom access to registered live event. Includes an annual membership to freely:
  • Events: attend monthly and all four annual virtual zoom events, just register for each to get login at
  • Guest Speakers and Keynote: learn topics relevant to Christian Investors and Entrepreneurs
  • Community Portal: access recordings of all prior and 2023 events, and valuable Investor and Entrepreneur Playbooks, courses, blogs and more
  • Networking: build business connections with like-minded Christian Investors and Entrepreneurs virtual events and portal
  • Entrepreneur members: get additional, free business services, and zoom training
  1. What are costs and benefits to attend a live event?
General Registration: $48 US, $24 Africa (3,300 KES, 90K UGX) attend one Main Event in-person. Includes benefits of Virtual Registration, plus:
  • Annual pitch competition: like “Shark Tank”, startup finalists pitch their companies live before audience for 10 minutes, then 5 minutes questions from judge’s panel
  • Africa-only Training Classes: BAM, Discipling Leaders, Investor Pitch, Term Sheet, Digital Marketing, Web & eCommerce, Patents
  • Luncheon: 90-minute Network Luncheon, with live Keynote and message form our Sponsors
  • Live Networking: build business connections with like minded Christian Investors and Entrepreneurs at live event, including one hour check-in, all day coffee and tea, and afternoon snacks
  • Two Guests: Each attendee gets a guest Virtual Registration to share, and a half price General Registration to share, so a friend can join you online all year and another can join you at next year’s live event.
  1. What membership has the max benefits?
Investor VIP Registration: $196 US, $96 Africa (13,150 KES, 360K UGX) attend one Main Event and Investor VIP-only in-person. Includes benefits of General Registration, plus:
  • Investor Dinners: Thursday and Friday evening private dinners with pitch finalists (Friday is breakfast for Africa)
  • Deep Dive: two hour Deep Dive with the finalists for more due diligence for accredited investors only (see definition below), just after pitch competition
  • VIP Events: Free years access to investor-only monthly and annual events, including access to remote Investor-only Deep Dives
  • Guest and VIP Guest: Each attendee gets a guest Virtual Registration to share and a half price Investor VIP Registration to share.

Costs and Member: Who is free? Half Price? Sponsorship Opportunities? Future costs?

  1. Who can attend live events for free or half price?
  • Free for volunteers. Contact your host’s volunteer leader.
  • Half price for students: college and secondary seniors (senior 4 or 5 in Africa). Students must bring current student ID to enter event.
  1. What if I do not know which virtual or live events I want?
Member Registration is really a Virtual Registration. All its benefits, without immediate plans to register for virtual annual and monthly events.
  1. Who can Sponsor events? What are the costs and benefits?
There are a range of sponsor opportunities from $1000 to $15,000 US, $200 to $3,000 Africa (27.5K to 415K KES, 750K to 11.25M UGX). See Sponsor links at,, and
  1. What will prices be in 2024?
With more Sponsors, we can keep member fees stable, otherwise they will reflect increased costs.
Live US events add an optional second day for those who want to attend “10-40 Window Den.” This optionally adds another $48 US, $24 Africa (3,300 KES, 90K UGX) for second day of food, building and costs.

Which Entrepreneurs Pitch Live? Pitch virtually? What is expected? Judges Questions and Awards? Required Term Sheet?

  1. Which CEO finalists will pitch at the live event?
  • Apply: All startups with existing products and customers should apply to pitch at
  • The better startups will be asked to provide additional files (their pitch, term sheet, financials) at
  • The top 10 startups pitch at live event for 10 minutes, then 5 minutes of questions by the judges panel. No minimum investment, but these often seek at least $1M in US, $250K in Africa (34M KES, 932M UGX).
  • The next 30 should pitch at monthly virtual zoom events.
  • Those that get funding will get many free business services. All pitching companies will get free one-on-one coaching to fix their pitch, terms, product, patents and more.
  1. What about other CEO who did not get to pitch at annual live event or monthly virtual zoom events?
Remaining members have access to all valuable free content, community support and our coaching as remaining time allows.
  1. What is expected in the 10 minute pitch? 5 minutes of Judges questions? And Judge awards?
  • Awards: One pitching CEO will get award for best pitch and another will get award for best long-term potential. These awards can be listed on your company’s website and we will reference it on our judge’s awards page.
  1. Does LD make future guarantees, including investment, patents, or company growth?
  • No, but historically half of the live pitching companies got investment. And a third got patents.
  • Even non-pitching companies got much patent and trademarks guidance.
  1. What are the required Term Sheet contract and financials that final pitching CEOs must submit?

Food: What are meals? Snacks? Drinks? Vegan, gluten free and special needs?

  1. What are the meals and snacks at main events?
We require great quality and quantity at lunch for main event, and for investors-only at two dinners (for Africa, one is a big breakfast). Similarly, a variety of coffee, tea, bottled water, fruits, and snacks throughout the day.
  1. How can I contact LD for vegan, gluten free and similar special food needs?
We will have a few options and document on our website. To be sure, use our contact form at the bottom of
  1. How does LD get quality food at lower cost?
  • LD requires bids from multiple nearby caterers and non-exclusive catering, allowing us to get multiple caterers and bring our own bottled water, fruits, and snacks if cost-effective.
  • Providing high quality food and events increases investors. Keeping costs low multiplies more future Entrepreneurs and students.

Investors: What is an Accredited Investor? How can I become one at event? What are only for Investors? Why Invest in Africa?

  1. What is an accredited investor? How can an investor become accredited at events?
  • Net worth over $1M, excluding primary residence. Income over $200K individually or $300K with spouse in each of the prior two years, and expected in current year[1].
  • Download Accredited Investor Form PDF at or Doc at This details what Investors will be asked to sign before attending Accredited Investor only events.
  1. Why are some events and handouts for accredited investors only?
In US per, pitching companies cannot expose their Term Sheet unless either:
  • The entire audience is accredited investors or
  • All terms and financials and managed under a Certified Financial Planner, which we, or similar operating for 10 years, are not.
3. Why investment in Africa?
  • Africa GDP exceeds Rest of World for 2019-2023 (projected), especially East Africa and non-resource intensive[2] that we invite to pitch.
  • Congo & South Africa are the Saudi Arabia of batteries, solar, nuclear, light weight aircraft…
  • April 19, 2019 Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) approved by 54 of Africa’s 55 countries, unifying $1.3B, $3.4T consumer markets. The $36-100T raw minerals in Congo (the world’s richest country) can build components, products, and services; cost disruptive supply chains all within Africa[3].
[1] Per US Gov SEC:
[2] Source:
[3] Sources:, see all 5 pages

Schedule: What is typical Agenda for LD Events?

What is typical Agenda schedule for LD events? See Agendas linked from,,, and
  • The Main event is open to general members and includes Investor and Entrepreneur leading Speakers, lunch, and Pitching Entrepreneurs. Africa events add 12 valuable, free training classes. All Main event sessions are recorded for all members to view at
  • After June 2023, all US hosted LIONS-DEN add a first day called “10-40 Window Den” for twice as many Pitches, Speakers, and Training, while funding startups where 2 Billion are living in families under $2/day, with no school, medical or clean water. See Agenda example at
  • There are also Accredited Investor-only events including Welcome Dinner the evening before, Deep Dive immediately after pitch competition, and Networking Dinner with Investors, Sponsors and Pitch Finalists (Africa replaces with breakfast).

Who are the Speakers, Panelists and Judges?

  1. Who are LD’s Speakers and Judges? They include:
  1. Will they appeal to Investors? And not self-promote?
  • All LD Speakers, Panelists and Judges are BAM investment leaders, who are proven leaders in appealing to Investors.
  • They are not allowed to self-promote their products, but are here to train and inform Investors, Entrepreneurs, and future leaders. Only paying Sponsors can promote and that is at specific times, banners, and handouts.

Training: What on-site training? Remote zoom? Downloadable?

  1. What on-site training is offered?
We offer on-site classes at and, including:
  • Web, eCommerce, Digital Marketing, Innovation and Patents
  • BAM, Disciple Making
  • Investor Pitch, Term Sheet, Entrepreneur Tips, and Planning 100x Growth
  1. What is the startup, job career and practical value of LD training?
  • Web: we teach WordPress (WP) framework which is 47% of all websites, WooCommerce which is 33% of all eCommerce, WPForms the #1 WP Forms, MemberPress the #1 WP members and #1 eLearning Course, Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics 80% of phone and browser cookies and tags, Yoast Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 80% of search engines.
  • Entrepreneur: LD training, books and practices from working at three multi-billion dollar Venture Capital firms, and starting a dozen companies, including two IPO and third sold to Sprint.
  • Innovation and patent: LD training, is from inventor of 100 patents, co-chair of Dell patent committee for 7 years, and Director of Intel Innovation Lab.
  1. What remote zoom training is available?
We currently provide remote Entrepreneur and Web training via zoom and whatsapp. Audiences are Christian university, incubators, or church clubs.
  1. What training is downloadable?
All training will be downloadable from our site at for Web, Entrepreneur, etc. We will link to the large installs and tools our training use, but not provide copies on our site.