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Register for the LIONS-DEN Kampala Annual Event

Where: Kampala, Uganda

When: Friday, April 2024. 6:00 – 9:00pm EAT (East Africa Time) Welcoming Dinner (Invitation Only)*

Saturday, April 2024 7:00am – 6pm Main Event for General Attendees in person & virtual**
7:00 – 9 pm Networking Investor Dinner (Invitation Only)*

5:30 – 7:00 pm Deep Dive / Virtual Commentaries. Accredited Investors only – forms at registration desk.

* Invitation Only: for Pitch Finalists, Speakers, Sponsors, and Registered as Investors

** Streaming Virtually Online
Login details will be given prior to the event for April – Full Day Virtual Main Event – 10:00am – 6:00pm EAT. 1-3PM EAT (CST US 5AM-7AM) Guest Speakers. 3-5:30PM (CST US 7am-930am) Pitch Competition.

Virtual Registration

67,000 UGX ($18)

Attend the LIONS-DEN Kampala annual conference and pitch competition Main Event via remote zoom on Saturday, April 10:00am – 6pm EAT. Includes an annual membership to freely:

  1. Events: attend monthly and all four annual virtual zoom events, just register for each to get login at 
  2. Guest Speakers and Keynote: learn topics relevant to Christian Investors and Entrepreneurs
  3. Community Portal: access recordings of all prior and 2023 events, and valuable Investor and Entrepreneur Playbooks, courses, blogs and more
  4. Re-useable formats: freely download, edit and share
  5. Networking: build business connections with like-minded Christian Investors and Entrepreneurs virtual events and portal
  6. Entrepreneur members: get additional, free business services, and zoom training

General Registration

90,000 UGX ($24)

Attend the LIONS-DEN Kampala annual conference Main Event in-person on Saturday, April 7:00am – 6pm EAT.

Includes Virtual Registration, plus:

  1. Annual pitch competition: like “Shark Tank”, startup finalists pitch their companies live before audience for 10 minutes, then 5 minutes questions from judge’s panel
  2. 12 Training Classes: BAM, Discipling Leaders, Investor Pitch, Term Sheet, Digital Marketing, Web & eCommerce, Patents
  3. Luncheon: 90-minute Network Luncheon, with live Keynote and message form our Sponsors
  4. Live Networking: build business connections with like minded Christian Investors and Entrepreneurs at live event, including one hour check-in, all day coffee and tea, and afternoon snacks
  5. Two Guests: Each attendee gets a guest Virtual Registration to share, and a half price General Registration to share, so a friend can join you online all year and another can join you at next year’s live event.

Investor VIP Registration

360,000 UGX ($96)

Attend the LIONS-DEN Kampala annual conference Main Event and Investor VIP-Only in-person on Friday April 6-9pm EAT, Saturday April 7:00-8PM. For this package, you must be an accredited investor, sponsor, or pitch finalist.

Includes General Registration, plus:

  1. Private Investor-only: Dinner Thursday and Friday with pitch finalists
  2. Deep Dive: two hour Deep Dive with the finalists for more due diligence, just after pitch competition. For Accredited Investors only – forms at registration desk.
  3. VIP Events: Free years access to investor-only monthly and annual events, including access to remote Investor-only Deep Dives
  4. Guest and VIP Guest: Each attendee gets a guest Virtual Registration to share and a half price Investor VIP Registration to share.