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Out of the ashes of SVB, Signature Bank and First Republic; the Rise of Faith Driven Investing


Keynote Speaker Mary Naber

BAM Pioneer, President and Founder Sage Stone Wealth, former Senior VP Merrill Lynch

Mary Naber served as a Senior Vice President – Investments and Wealth Management Advisor at Merrill Lynch in Beverly Hills, prior to founding Sage Stone. She is the author of “Christian Investing: The Financial Effect of Screens“ in the Journal of Investing, the first published empirical research integrating faith and investments and documenting the financial impact of socially conservative screens.


She was also the first undergraduate in the history of Harvard University to receive a double major in Economics and Religion with Honors.


Mary wrote the first feature article Christ’s Returns” on faith-driven investing for Christianity Today in September 2001; despite its publication during the same month as 9-11, it was CT’s most popular article in years by the demand for reprints (20,000).


Mary’s expertise in the field of faith-driven investing is highlighted in over half a dozen books and multiple magazines, and she has spoken on conferences around the country.